French Press Brew Guide

Grind Level: Very Coarse

Water Temperature: 205 Degrees F (about 30 seconds off of boil)

Time Required: 5 minutes

Serves: 4 small cups

Difficulty: Easy

Step 1: To yield 4 small cups, grind 5 heaping tablespoons of whole beans (40 g) to a coarse texture, reminiscent of kosher salt.  The course grind allows ideal coffee flavors to be extracted with minimal bitterness.  Make sure to preheat your carafe with hot water.

Step 2: Add ground coffee in bottom of french press and gentle pour over with hot water (205F) to fill with 400mL of water, ensuring that all grounds are well saturated.  Start timer for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Now attach the press lid submerge the plunger 1/2 inch in the water.

Step 4: After your 5 minute timer goes off, plunge and serve immediately. Pressing too quickly or forcefully may lead to hot coffee spurting.

Tip: We recommend using preheated mugs for serving.