Colombian Coffee



With perhaps the most variegated coffee-producing regions in the world, Colombia has no shortage of diversity when it comes to terroir. Near the border of Ecuador, the Andean Massif forks into three high-altitude cordilleras that run all the way to the Caribbean Coast. Their volcanic soils are rich in minerals essential for the cultivation of excellent and often exotic coffees, allowing the finest heirloom and hybrid arabica varieties to flourish.

Colombia’s coffee regions are exceptional examples of sustainable and productive cultural landscapes.  The culture reflects a centennial tradition of coffee growing in small plots in the high forest and the way farmers  have adapted cultivation to difficult mountain conditions. The urban areas, mainly situated on the relatively flat tops of hills above sloping coffee fields, are characterized by the architecture of the Antioquian colonization with Spanish influence. Building materials were, and remain in some areas, cob and pleated cane for the walls with clay tiles for the roofs.

We choose to source only Colombian coffees because we believe that Colombia produces the best coffees in the world.  We invite you to taste the Karlacá difference!