Chemex Brew Guide

Grind Level: Medium Coarse

Water Temperature: 205 Degrees F (recently off of the boil)

Time Required: 5 minutes

Serves: Two 8 oz cups

Difficulty: Medium

Step 1: To yield about two 8 oz cups, grind 4  heaping tablespoons (34 g) of coffee to about the coarseness of kosher salt.  

Step 2: Like you’re back in high school chemistry class, place the filter inside of the chemex, lining up the multiple folds with the spout. Pre-rinse with hot water to seal the paper against the glass and remove the paper flavor.

Step 3: Discard rinse water and add ground coffee.

Step 4: In a counter clockwise motion, slowly pour hot water (205 degrees or 30-seconds off of boil) to saturate coffee grounds, allowing it to bloom for about 30 seconds.

Step 5: Continuing in a counter clockwise motion over the coffee bed, slowly fill to the top of the brewer.  Continue adding hot water until the brewed coffee reaches the glass button on the chemex. Remember to use 16 oz of hot water for 34 g of ground coffee.

Step 6: Remove filter and enjoy coffee.