Karlacá Coffee was established in 2013 to promote single-origin coffees from Colombia. We source our coffees from the Andean mountains of Quindio. We work directly with farmers. We are committed to the region's economic development and to sustainable growth.


Our mission is to source, roast, distribute, and promote outstanding Colombian specialty coffees in the United States market showcasing the hard work and expertise of Colombian farmers as well as the richness of the Colombian coffee culture.


Our company focuses on finding the best and most unique single-origin coffees from farms throughout the Quindio region of Colombia. We partner with farmers and work with them throughout the entire production process; from growing to processing these coffees, to make sure that the coffee reaches its full potential. We then, import, roast, and distribute these beans in the U.S. market.

Our coffees are carefully roasted in small batches to ensure that all of the hard work put in by the farmers and their families results in a magnificent cup of coffee. We achieve this by highlighting the unique attributes of our coffee beans through a handcrafted roasting process.

We are passionate about providing the best coffee experience that only Colombian coffee can provide while helping coffee farmers improve their quality of life.

Our Name

In the 17th Century there lived a legendary Indian chief named Karlacá who fought the Spanish conquistadores in Colombia.  Ever since Karlacá's time, the people have believed that in the depth of the an ancient mountain called "Penas Blancas," lies the fabled treasure of Karlacá.

From this storied mountain of Colombia comes the most delicious coffee, alone among coffees, considered the best-kept secret of the people.  This is the treasure of Karlacá.